Diş İpinin Kullanımı ve Faydaları
9 Ocak 2018
Tümünü Göster


Just brushing teeth for a full oral care is not enough, because we can not reach all the interfaces of our teeth with toothbrushing. Use of dental floss helps to fight gum disease and protect our oral health.

The dental floss should be applied daily to prevent tartar and plaques between teeth.

Some doctors suggest flossing twice a day; but many people do not use dental floss even though the precaution is mentioned by doctors. When the dental floss is used correctly, the plate clears the bacteria that cause the plate between the teeth.

Using dental floss every day helps to prevent palate discomfort, bruises and bad breath. Some studies have shown that using dental floss every day reduces the risk of heart disease. You can protect your oral health and your general well being by using mischip toothpicks regularly.

How long will the benefits of toothpaste show?

“To tell you the truth, the use of dental floss provides indisputable benefits from day one,” says the dentist. Your teeth and gums will be cleaner after you use the dental floss, because the dental floss reaches where the toothbrush can not reach. Your breath is refreshed and the health of your gums is healed. Keep practicing even if it changes a little at the beginning. You will soon feel the difference and use of dental floss will become part of your everyday life.